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It is one of those words you don’t want to hear too often. It is one of those words that sadly mean a little too much to me. Divorce. It is that little word that can have different meanings and feelings for different people, but all in all kind of means the same thing: the end of a marriage.

When I was eight years old my parents divorced. My brother was eighteen months younger then I, and just like that, our world came to a sudden crushing end. Our parents split, dad moved out, we saw dad every second weekend, mum was working overtime, a nanny stepped in to help out, all while mum and dad were supposedly working through their own shitty stuff. Still to this day my mum tells me how those years were some of the most challenging and toughest years of her life.

And sadly, I am not the only one with a divorced story like this. Sadly, too many marriages don’t last the distance and don’t have that happy ever after/growing old together finally. It is certainly not something anyone wants to think about when they are in the blissful honeymoon stage of marriage and thinking about ‘life together for the rest of our lives’. But I have to be honest with you; I have actually thought about it. Not in the ‘I am thinking about divorcing my husband’ kind of way, but rather the common sense and awareness that comes after experiencing divorce first hand with my parents. It is that feeling of being aware and not taking everything for granted, and knowing that divorce is never off limits. Depressing maybe? Or maybe just sensible.


And it seems I am not the only one who has this sensible head on their shoulders. Along with divorce, superannuation is one of those things you probably don’t think about until it happens. Superannuation appears to be the ‘forgotten asset’. In a nutshell, individuals are entitled to a certain percentage of their partner’s superannuation, which can basically be a make-or-break factor in settlement finances and family circumstances.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those people to stomp on the ‘happy ever after tale’. I guess it is about one of those things that you kind of know about, store away and hope you never have to access and retrieve. But if, for some unfortunate circumstance and twist of fate you do have to, you are that little bit more prepared and aware of your situation.

I am living my happily ever after tale. I am loving every minute. I am just storing a little knowledge away as well.

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