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I know I should probably be doing something more productive. But that word procrastination just sweeps in… it is amazing what you can do while procrastinating.

What you find on the internet. What new friends you friend on instagram. Or how many times have you clicked refresh on your Facebook news feed in the last hour?

At the moment I know I am probably wasting a little time on just stuff. I know I should use this spare hour catching up on my washing, cleaning, emails, or making my house look a little more in order. “Tahlia, you do know you are having people over for dinner”…

Or if I was really smart I would be planning next weeks menu and organising what I need on the next shop to the supermarket.

More often then not the day comes to an end and I wonder where that day went. I had a plan, I had an agenda, and then no sooner does the munchkin get home from day care and the evening routine sets in. I wonder where the day went.

But then I have to realise, that sometimes it is okay to let the washing slip, let the dishes stack up a little in the sink, and have the house left in chaos because sometimes I need that cup of tea, I need to wind down and I just need to waste time.

There are worse things I could be wasting my time on! I could be staring at myself, checking myself out in the reflection of a shop window. Guilty… I have done it one too many times! We all need a laugh, so check out this video to see these time wasters in action.

Please ease my anxiety… Are you also wasting your time on something lately?


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