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Totally last minute Father’s Day ideas

father's day

Ok, totally last minute Father’s Day ideas. Yes, we have all been there. Or even wondered, “What are we going to do”.

So, let’s get to it. Here is my totally last minute ideas for Father’s Day:

1. Daddy Interview.

Okay, so this is actually totally cool. I guess you just want to maybe make sure the answers are good ones, Ha! You can get very creative with the list of questions, but I like these.


You can find this list and download it here.

father's day

2. Father’s Day Colouring Page

Again, this one is just too cute. Print, colour, draw and laminate for Daddy to put in his office, study or somewhere at home. You can download this printable here. 

Father's Day

3. Go Bowling

Sometimes there is nothing like a good game of bowling, especially if the weather doesn’t come out to play. Family. Laughs. Fun. Moments captured.

4. Cool Sunglasses

Ha! This is just a little fun and different. Download here. 

father's day

5. Have a simple picnic with dad.

Don’t forget to take the camera and make a photo book after the event as a memory of the day.

6. Go for a bicycle scavenger hunt

Get out the bikes {or scooters} and go for a treasure hunt. Set out some clues, take photos and find the treasures. For a great set of instructions, check this out. 

7. Footy Dad

Go to the footy, play a round of footy or simply get out and do some sports. Who doesn’t love a time spent with a ball on the field…

8. Go Fishing

9. Go for a camping trip

10. Treat dad to breakfast in bed

11. Discover a local music festival, band or outdoor entertainment in your area

12. Go for lunch

13. Make dad a bracelet

14. Go for a bush walk

15. Look into ‘What’s On’ in your local area

16. Go to the chocolate factory

17. Build the tallest Duplo tower… who can win?


What are you doing this weekend?

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