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what are you thankful for?


Today for the first time I am joining up with Kate from katesaysstuff for Thankful Thursday.

I can not help but wonder when was the last time I thought about, paid attention or even asked myself what I have to be thankful for? As grateful as I am for the reminder, I can not help but be a little disappointed in myself for not doing so myself and needing someone to point it out to me

So I could not pass this opportunity by without asking myself and even asking others.


But what is being thankful?


So often we go about our daily lives, our mundane things, our everyday activities and forget about the bigger picture. We often get disappointed and a little frustrated when we have the tantrum in the supermarket; or your friend has not returned your phonecall from the other week; that we didn’t get that job we so hoped for; or our husband forgot to put garbage out so you are left to do it the next morning in the rain… we have all had these moments.

Without trivialising and undermining these feelings of disappointment, frustration, maybe sadness and maybe a little more, we so often get caught up in it. Our blinkers get put on, our vision is narrowed and we often forget to see the big picture. Here I am also admitting my fault.

Every day we hear or read about at least one heart breaking story – it’s the stuff that sheds a tear of anguish, pain, sorrow and helplessness. We hear of a family’s pain, suffering, sadness and devastation. Maybe we need these reminders to help us get back into perspective?


Is thankful saying to our partner every day “I love you”?

Is thankful saying to ourselves everyday “I love you”?

Is thankful being true and real to ourselves and not pretending to be something you are not?

Is it taking the negatives, frustrations, sadness and pain with the good, the amazing, the wonderful?

Or is thankful acknowledging that no matter how bad it may be, or how bad it gets, there is still so much good in our lives and the world?


If you are only thankful of one thing today then I am glad you are thankful.

Concentrate on what you have not what you don’t have. You may never have enough otherwise.


So today I confess:


I am thankful that I can show love and receive love

I am thankful for girlfriends ringing to say “hi”

I am thankful to be benefiting from today’s research and medicine

I am thankful that my daughter finally got to sleep

I am thankful that she can smile and laugh even though the tooth is still not through



Being thankful is being brave. Being thankful is being honest. Why should being thankful not be a little easier?


What does being thankful mean to you?


Tahlia xx


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  • Kellie @ Three Li&#0

    Great post, Tahlia. There really is so much around us we can be thankful for. I can certainly relate to the last two!! :)

    • tahlia

      teething is just not fun! for all! xx thanks kellie

  • Lifeasmummymax

    great post!! Its my 1st link up for thankful thursday too. I have read some heartbreaking blogs and ofcourse on the news this week. Has put life into perspective. "Concentrate on what you have not what you don’t have. You may never have enough otherwise." Love this!

    • tahlia

      thanks heaps. Im off to to check out your blog post now :) x

  • kate says stuff

    Thankyou for linking up today Tahlia. Such a thoughtful and thought provoking post.

    For me being thankful is about noticing the little things in the everyday. There is so much tragedy and heartbreak out there, and we've all experienced things like that ourselves I'm sure too… but if nothing else they are an opportunity to develop empathy and take stock of all the blessings in our lives.

    I kept a gratitude journal for a few years where I would write 5 things every day that I was grateful for. And it was on those hardest days that I needed to do it most… to regain perspective and remember how very lucky I am.

    • tahlia

      a gratitude is such a fantastic idea. Something I will consider for myself and others if I may. You are so right in saying it is about noticing the little things in everyday life… how often we all forget… i know I do.

      thanks for your comments kate and having me as a part of your linky :) – x

  • Ink Paper Pen

    It is sad but yes we seem to need to be reminded of this, I am trying to remind myself more often but there is nothing like seeing something sad and awful on the news to give you some perspective. Lately, whenever I see pictures or footage of the children in Somalia, I am immediately so grateful and thankful for everything that I have. I feel so rich in comparison. And I mean rich in regards to everything I have not just things of monetary value. I wish that I didn't need to see this to feel this way, but I am learning to live my life with more gratefulness and awareness. Slowly but surely…