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When you feel it is all too much, remember this…

happy moments

The smile you get when they see you waiting at the school gate.

The big hug you get the very next second.

Laughter after laughter over the most stupid and silly things.

“I love you” as you leave the room for the night.

Imagination of whimsical games and creation

The sight of peaceful sleeping.

It has to be you who keeps them company for their bath or shower.

The simple kiss and hug makes the world of difference for absolutely anything.

The proud big moments shared, from doing a poop in the toilet to climbing the monkey bars for the first time.

“Watch me. Watch me,” is repeatedly said, over and over again, because they want you to literally watch everything. 

Their smile

Their golden ringlet hair.

The communication between bedrooms when they are both in trouble and you are trying desperately to use your “time out” method, which seems to only be even more funny and amusing for everyone.

The flower that was picked from the garden, just for you.

Hours and hours spent teaching them about colours, numbers, counting, drawing, reading, and every other aspect of life to date.

The endless arts and crafts, paintings and drawings made at creche, school or kinder that are brought home and you wonder where you are going to hang and display them because you are their biggest supporter for their creative mind.

Only you have the patience to cook and experiment with every kind of food possible so that you can prevent them growing up on sausages and yogurt, to then only have your meals declined and rejected. Tomorrow is another meal adventure, right?

The joy they get from each others company {most of the time}.

happy moments

You are shaping their world and inspiring them everyday.

You are their rock, their standing post.

You are the one they want to share their stories, challenges, milestones, upsets and heartaches with.

You are their to read them a bedtime story, sing a bedtime song and have the song repeatedly turning over your head, over and over.

You are the best person to sing “Love Is An Open Door” as a duet.

You are the only one that can give a ‘butterfly kiss’ at night before bed.

You are the only one who can brush and braid their hair just the way they like it.

You are creating kind, intelligent and beautiful human beings.

You are their biggest role model.

You are a better person because of them.

They love you unconditionally.

They think you are the bomb! {most of the time}.

And you are quite simply and frankly, just fabulous in their eyes!


{Linking up with Essentially Jess. This article was inspired by this other fabulous article.}

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  • Maxabella

    Nah, it’s still not enough. ;) x

  • Beck

    Love this post, we all get a little fed up at times and this is a beautiful reminder that it is all worth while x

  • Malinda

    all so true. we need reminding sometimes

  • EssentiallyJess

    Oh that’s beautiful. Good to be reminded.

  • Michelle@myslowlivingadventure

    Sweet! And oh so true.

  • Kathy

    What a beautiful pep talk for Mums. Mine are a little beyond this stage at 5 (today) and 11.5 years, so the experience is different but still rich (even if I love yous sometimes get swapped for I hate yous).

  • Sonia@ LIfe Love and Hiccups

    Such a beautiful reminder hun xx

  • The Plumbette

    I needed to read this reminder today. Thank you.

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