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When you know enough is enough

Many of my friends are going through the question at the moment of whether¬†or not to try for a third. Do we or don’t we? It is that burning question inside where many of my friends feel ‘complete’ but not quite ‘complete’.

How do you know when enough is enough? How do you know that you are actually done, and that those pregnancy and young bubba stages are over for you?

How do you know?

After my youngest son was born, I battled with terrible anxiety and depression. I battled with a little boy that was so angry, rigid and found feeding challenging. I battled with a baby that would not sleep. Just wouldn’t. He felt unhappy, and I felt unhappy. Having a young vibrant two-year-old also made the situation some what extra challenging.

Having gone through IVF for both my children, my husband and I knew early on that any more would be HARD. And not just hard for us, but our two young children too. But, apart from anything else, I knew I was done.


And now, we are in the best stage of our lives we have ever been since having children. We can have a family meal together in a public restaurant where our children don’t total make us go batty in front of a crowd of people. They actually sit still {for the majority of the time}.

We are planning holidays, new adventures, and new family goals. We are settled.

But everyone is different. I have seen first hand the experience and emotional challenge every month {literally} of girlfriends saying to themselves “I know we are in a good place, but I am not done.” And they probably aren’t.

For us, put a new baby into our family now, I think I would send myself into a facility. We are done! Done!

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  • Suzie

    When you know you know x

  • Kylie Embury

    I had my first two very close together – just 12.5 months apart. I felt done for many years. Once I got to 40, I started to wonder if I really was done, and soon realised I wasn’t. For me I think I felt like I hadnt had any time between the first two for wondering about more – that and I was so busy for those first years I didnt really think about it in depth. My 3 are now 16, 15 and 4 and at 46, I’m well and truly done ?