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weekend cooking: easy fresh green salad


There is something about a green salad. I don’t know. Maybe it is the pretty colours, the fresh crunch or the little extra taste of summer you can get in your kitchen on cold winter days. When I travel (which is not that that often these days), it is the one thing I miss, salad.

And yet, we all assume that a green salad can be boring. Especially when you see it published somewhere as ‘green salad’. I mean, seriously, who wants to eat rabbit leaves? But with a few extra goodies, you can put an extra zing into a ‘green salad’.


1 x ‘knob’ or bunch of radicchio
Fresh rocket
Mung Beans
1 x can of beetroot, whole
Fresh peas
Tomatoes (I like the black russian)
1 x cucumber

2/3 cup good quality olive oil
1/3 Red wine vinegar
2 tbs Soy sauce or Tamari sauce
Salt and Pepper

Putting it together

Make sure you wash the lettuce well. I like to just break it off in chunks. Add the rocket
Give a good sprinkle of mung beans
Don’t forget the pomegranate. This is the special ingredient that I CANNOT live without. I would add pomegranate to anything really. I love it! For a really cool tip on how to deseed it, check out this video.
Cut your tomatoes.
Cut your cucumber into half, long ways, then half again and chop. You should end up with little cubes.
Mix all the dressing ingredients together. Dress your salad.

Do you have a special green salad ingredient that makes your salad go ‘ZING’?

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  • http://www.sakuraharuka.com Ai Sakura

    I love the greens you chose. Cannot stand salads that have just cabbage! Thanks for the tip on adding pomegranate too. Will try it out :)

  • http://themodernparent.net Martine@themodernparent

    I have just started putting beetroot back in a salad…forgot how good it is!

  • http://withsomegrace.com grace

    I am so big on mung beans at the moment! Can’t get enough of them! And for me, the zing is just lemon juice. Good ol’ plain lemon juice!

  • http://ursulaboehm.snappages.com/ Ursula

    That sounds really interesting, I guess I’ve recognized your secret extra goodies, red wine with pepper sounds delicious in the dressing:)) I wish I could taste it right now:) btw thanks for the inspiration, I1m going to give it a try today for dinner, my hubby huge quality red wine enthusiast (his father used to have a wine yard), I bet he will like it!