weekend cooking: easy pumpkin soup – only 3 ingredients

easy pumpkin soup

So I had some pumpkin in the fridge. Sitting there, sitting there, not moving for days. My little man has his molars coming through, an experience which is not only painful for him, but painful for his mumma too. Yes, there are those sleepless night, but the food rejection has increased immensely. Soft, easy, non-chewing foods are on the menu currently.

I feel so blessed to have my thermomix waiting and ready to come the rescue. The thing I love about my thermomix is the ‘all-in-one’ meals you can do, super quick and super easy. And this recipe is no exception. Three ingredients, no joke and it is the most gorgeous, smooth and tasty soup.

easy pumpkin soup


Quarter Jap pumpkin (or any other pumpkin you may have in your fridge or pantry)
1 brown onion
half a sweet potato


Cut the pumpkin into diced size pieces, removing the skin and the seeds.
Place into the thermomix bowl
Cut your onion into quarters, and place into the bowl, along with the cut sweet potato
Add two cups of chicken stock or water.
Start cooking for 20 minutes at Veroma temp, speed 3.
Once cooked, puree soup for 30 seconds, speed 9.


If you don’t have a thermomix, you can totally do this in a pot, soup maker or something similar. The ingredients and everything else would not change.

The best, most easy, most yummy soup there is. Loved by all!

Do you have pumpkin lovers in your house?


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  • Zanni Louise

    I wish I had a theromix sometimes…we make pumpkin soup from time to time. My Austrian family provide us with pumpkin seed oil. Pumpkin soup with pumpkin seed oil and yoghurt or cream is unbelievably amazing. x

  • grace

    Perfect and easy! Love pumpkin soup in winter!

  • Emily @ Have a laugh on me

    I love pumpkin soup, something I CAN actually make, and I eat with sour cream and grated cheese melted in it – YUMMO!