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best cooking websites that i love

best cooking websites

I have a few favourite cooking websites. The ones that are the ‘go to’ websites. I mean, yes, I have my cookbooks, many in fact. I love them! Not too long ago I shared some of my other fabulous blogs for recipe inspiration. I continue to accumulate more over time. But for new ideas, new favourites and a little inspiration, these are my new favourite places to go:

1. Smitten Kitchen

I have always had this website in my ‘bookmarked’ section and most recently, my Bloglovin cooking folder. And then, my husband surprised me with a cookbook. Deb’s cookbook, The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. I love it. But I still come here for more inspiration and cooking love.

2. The Purple Foodie

I love the recipes. I love the pictures, and I love the simpleness of this blog. The Chocolate Chocolate Cake is on my list for the next baking adventure. Because, who does not love a good chocolate cake?

3. Sweetapolita

When I was planning the birthday party for my munchkins, I was spending hours searching and looking for fabulous cookie recipes and cake recipes. And Sweetapolita came along. If you need anything related to cookies or fabulous cakes, this is the place to go. The recipe index and ideas makes this blog even more fabulous and simple to navigate. Just be warmed, your sweet tooth will be activated after reading this blog!

4. The Shiksa In The Kitchen

This blog is just one of those fabulous hearty blogs. It has everything from warm hearty winter soups, to cakes to traditional Jewish recipes. I love it. Another go to place for ideas and inspiration.

5. Veggie Mama

As soon as Stacey introduced me to her fluffy pancakes, I was hooked onto her blog. These pancakes are the best!!! But of course, she has other fabulous recipes too! I am soon to make her carrot and avocado and quinoa bites, hoping that the kids will eat them if I display them as a funny face like she does.

What are your ‘go to’ blogs or websites or cook books? I always want new places to go, so please share them.


{photo credit: thebittenword.com via photopin cc}

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  • Kylie Embury

    Most of my favourite recipes come from my Mum. Hubby is a Kiwi and I often cook from Edmonds Cookery Book – lots of easy, tasty, filling family recipes that he remembers from his childhood. For online recipes I mostly use taste.com.au or Google “easy” recipes ;) I will make an effort to bookmark some recipes from the websites you’ve suggested thanks – I need to get more creative!

  • http://beareich.tumblr.com Bea

    As a huge fan of sweeties, Sweetapolita has been my favorite since a couple of months now (of course after your blog;)) andI am really glad that you’ve mentioned it as a great one as well.