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Date Honey Nut Cake from The Shiksa in the Kitchen (photo used by permission)

I inspired the man who does not cook to cook. The man that was on the ‘no sugar’ diet to cook the sugar alternative to my banana and coconut recipe. So much so he has made it three times. And now he tells me he needs something new to cook. I must say, I am a little chuffed. Not only that I have inspired him to bake – to which his wife is certainly very very happy about I am sure – but that it was my banana and coconut cake that did it.

Now, of course I am not promoting this recipe, even though it is just yummy. And super easy. But I realised I have to share some of my favourite recipes. Some my own, and some others. So here is my list of my favourite cooking blogs and favourite recipes:

Purple Foodie is just a beautiful blog with beautiful recipes. And to top it of, the photography that showcases the fabulous foods… well lets just say you want to eat everything.

♥ With a little bit of everything, SkinnyTaste has everything. Don’t be put off by the name as the recipes are all just yummy. Okay, yes, maybe a little more on the healthy side, but they certainly do not compromise on taste!

♥ For those bakers out there, this is a fabulous flour less chocolate cake. But Citrus and Candy just offers so much more. And again, the pictures are just gorgeous. Now I want to go away and begin to take wonderful photos of my food.

♥ And my all time go to blog for anything and everything, especially for my kosher recipes is The Shiksa in the Kitchen. I love her work. And I made the BEST honey cake last year! THE BEST!

♥ And my last go to website is of course the wonderful Jamie Oliver. I just love anything and everything he does. Last week I used his whole fish recipe. It was yum!! And of course.. super easy!

Do you have any cooking/food blogs you rave about? Please share them below.


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  • http://gittahermann.blog.ca Gitta

    Yummy! That nut cake on the picture looks really delicious! Thanks for sharing these great links, I just cannot wait until weekend when I can give a try to some of them!

  • http://picklebums.com katepickle

    mmm that date cake looks delish going to try it without the nuts (allergic kids)!

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