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I remember as a kid I used to find an old broom, or a long stick of some sort, put it between my legs and prance around imagining I was galloping on a horse. I loved horses, I still do. And to this day, I still remember frolicking around, talking to myself, talking to my “horse” & going up & down the driveway, round the house & down to the backyard (we lived in a country style house), & back up again. I did it for hours. Hours!

When I see my children use their imagination in some sort of similar way, whether it playing “shop” or being a band, or creating a puppet show, I am taken back to my childhood days of imagination.

Because you see, I am not a strong believer in “toys”. I mean yes, my kids have toys, plenty of them, but whenever I can I want them to be based around using their imagination and exploring creativity. Imagination to me is something so simple imbedded in us all, yet often requires a little encouragement to spring out to life. Imagination to me is childhood, adulthood and life in general. Because if my kids learn early on to use their imagination, well, I kind of think they will be better adults in life.

So, toys these days have to spark the imagination, otherwise they stay on the shelf. And Moose Toys do just that; spark the imagination. Simply little trinkets are turned into “wands”. A turning wheel has become the playground for the smurfs and trolls. So a “toy” has actually become a tool for creativity, wonder, experimentation, and of course, imagination.

I am again taken back to my childhood of having a little treasure box on my wall that was filled with little jewels, crystals, treasures & trolls. I would often just go there, pick something up before having a little play & returning it back to its little home. The treasures never did anything really other then just sit there, but yet I went to them everyday & used them in different ways. Imagination.

To help your little blossoms explore their imagination, I have a fabulous Moose pack to giveaway. Filled with loads of goodies for creativity & joy, any little boy or girl will be in their element with these toys. The winner of this giveaway will receive a Moose prize pack valued at $100 filled with Moose favourites. There will be Zelfs, The Trash Pack, The Ugglys & either Minilicious or Glitzi Globes for all the creative little girls.

All you have to do is tell me what imagination means to you?

*other bits:
– Open to Australian residents only
– Best response wins decided by a third party.
– Winner drawn 30th April 2014

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  • marypreston

    Imagination means never being bored!!


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  • Jasmine Nelson

    thinking outside the box

  • sapna

    Imagination starts with a thought,
    starts with one & grows to a lot.

    As humans we imagine and then create,
    Everyone does it sooner or late.

    There are no boundaries to imagination,
    you can imagine about yourself,family or the whole nation.

    Who has not looked at the clouds & imagined shapes,
    It is something in our brain & we can’t put on tapes.

    Imagination when positive leads to fun & enjoyment,
    You can lazy around on a lounge & create your own entertainment.

    To new things & creativity it is an invitation,
    We all call it imagination….

  • Melissa Jones

    To me, imagination means putting a pair of wings to your thought and let it fly anywhere anytime. No one can control it sometimes even yourself. But without imagination, our world is pale and boring.

  • Kym-Steve Potts

    Imagination means letting little people be little. Not allowing then to be caught up in adult ideals. Letting them loose track of time and preconceived notions. Letting them ‘be’ kids and ‘be’ in the moment. Allowing them to entertain themselves within their own home without structures play :) imagination brings me joy and hope xx

  • Charlotte Lowther

    Imagination is powerful and wonderful! It’s creating something and having fun playing with that idea. A leaf becomes a sea dragon, a stick an almighty sword. The possibilities are endless with a great imagination!

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  • Veronique Williams

    from imagination comes dreams , dreams lead to reality and creativity which is passed down to your children completing the circle of life

  • Lisa Spartalis Maalouf

    Imagination allows you to live in your own wonderland, no matter how big or small, young or old. The world can be a beautiful place when you let your imagination run free. xxx