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Dear two year old you

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My dearest little man,

You are two! Yes, two!

In many ways it seems like yesterday that you continuously kicked, tumbled & performed aerobics in my tummy. I should have known that this was the first taste of your fiesty, energetic & constant go-get-them attitude. You just do not stop, literally. We are always joking that you actually do not walk, you run. And constantly ! The word ‘walking’ just seems to not be in your vocabulary. I know you understand because whenever I dare say the word you squirm at me with a then quick & solid ‘no’. You just choose to go about things your own way.

You are constantly getting yourself into trouble, and your mummy & daddy for that matter. From constant scratches, head butts, eye bruises, biting of tongues, and then the all time favourite, black eye, it appears you wake up each day with the thought in your mind of ‘I wonder what trouble I am going to get into today?’ Because everyday, if not every second {if we are lucky}, you are getting yourself into some kind of mischief.

Your admiration for your sister is to just die for. You always wonder where she is & again, challenge yourself to do exactly what she she does. What she climbs, you want to climb. What she draws, you want to draw. What she rides, you want to. You are just so determined! Your constant fearless attitude is something that scares the shit out of us, but makes us proud every single day.

Because my dear little angel, this fearless nature of yours will get you places. Big places! We know that this energetic, fiesty, and never-give-up kind of attitude is what will drive you through life & allow you to achieve great things. And we are a little chuffed that we see a little left-hand trait developing more & more each day. Your uncle is also a little chuffed.

You make us proud every day. Your charm is forever putting a smile on our faces, and everyone else for that matter. No sooner do you know you are in trouble, your charm rubs off & we can’t help but smile. But we know we have to remain firm & strong. But let me tell you, you will stop ladies in their tracks with that charming smile.

We always wondered when that ‘boyish’ side of things would emerge. Our answer has been given as you continue to just love diggers, smile, yell and scream at the glimpsing thought & sight of one. Yes, the latest digger addition to the toy collection is an absolute favourite.

May you forever continue to not let the world get in your way. May you forever continue to charm your way through life.

Continue to just be you!


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  • Eleise Hale

    Aww, the grow up too quickly!! I love that their little personalities are so strong so young :)

  • Sophie Allen

    What a cutie! Sounds like a fiesta one, life will never be boring anyway! Happy 2’s! #teamIBOT

  • Alicia-OneMotherHen

    Oooh I am seeing a lefty gene coming out in my 2yr old too, her grandfather on hubbys side and my sister are lefties! So awesome seeing their beautiful faces and personalities develop xx

  • EssentiallyJess

    Oh I love hearing about kids with this kind of enthusiasm. They grow into adults who can change the world :)
    Happy birthday little mate.

  • Vicki @ Knocked Up & Abroad

    Kids with drive grow up and change the world!

    What a lovely record of this milestone. I write letters to my babes every birthday just to record where they have been at and also me as a mother. My memory could never be relied upon! Keep treasuring all the little person stuff… time steals and never gives back x

  • pc

    Two is one of the best age, imo. And yes, do not let the world get in your way, Happy Two!

  • Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    I have a 2yo but he’s going on 4 and bosses the rest of us around! Love these words :) My youngest is also likely to be the only lefty in our family, taking after me!