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every piece of jewellery tells a story


Sometimes a piece of jewellery is not just a piece of jewellery. It is symbol, a gift passed down from generations and generations, a gift of love for your anniversary, your engagement, your wedding. A symbol of devotion and honour, placed upon your finger on your wedding day, under the wedding canopy, when you accepted each other’s love for eternity.

Sometimes it is a gift given to yourself, because you deserve it, you are worthy. And sometimes it is because it is just beautiful, special and gorgeous. Every piece of jewellery I own (and I have a few), tells a story, has a story. My mum gave me a ring for my 13th birthday. It is three rings linked into one. Each ring has an engraving. Each ring says something different. The necklace I wore on my wedding day was my grandmother’s. She wore it everyday. I now do too.

I have a collection of earrings.

My namesake necklaces, ‘E’ and “A’, each marking the symbol of my children’s first name.

A collection of bracelets


And while I wear each piece of jewellery, there is a glimpse of what it means and what it represents. And this little gorgeous bracelet and charm represents motherhood.

It is something special. Something that actually says ‘mum’. Being Pandora, it adds some other specialness as well. And, with Pandora, you can totally add more charms too it as well.

Being a mum is the best thing in the world. It is the hardest thing in the world. It brings immense highs. It brings lows. It is rewarding. Sometimes not. And all in all, it is inspiring, empowering and teaches us something new everyday. I wonder what you have been taught today?

I think every mum needs to be acknowledged, honoured and be able to wear something that honours this amazing, proud, and most beautiful title, ‘Mum’. And every mum deserves something extra special.

I have one of these bracelets and charms to give away valued at just under $100. All you have to do is tell me:

What story does your piece of jewellery tell?

And fill out the form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Extra notes:

  • This giveaway will be drawn at random. So you can get extra entries for sharing the love too.
  • Prizes are sent directly to you from the company or PR representative.
  • I was gifted with a Pandora bracelet. As always, all opinions are my own. No one can pay me for this.
  • The winners will be notified on this blog post and be contacted via email and have 3 days to contact me back with postage details otherwise a new winner will be drawn.
  • This giveaway is open from now until Sunday 12th May @ 5pm.

Good luck x

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  • Emily

    I have a few special pieces, but one of my most treasured jewellery items is a ring my mum gave me on my wedding day. She had the diamond and part of the gold from her wedding band placed on a white gold band, with an inscription from my father (who passed away when I was young). She’d even sneakily found out what ring size I would need so it would fit on my right ring finger, and could wear it straight away!

  • Lydia C. Lee

    I have a St Christophers medal that I’ve attached to an earing and I wear whenever I go on a plane. It shows I’m VERY superstitious, terrified of flying and as I’m told by my partner, a little nuts.
    It also makes strangers come up to me and tell me I’ve lost an earing (because the other side doesn’t have a St Christophers medal on it.)
    I actually don’t have much real jewellery…so no great heirloom stories to tell…

  • S Armstrong

    My daughter 8 at the time picked out a very special pair of earrings for me in my favourite colour purple for my birthday. She paid for them with her own pocket money.
    I love these earrings as they let me know that my daughter appreciates and loves her Mummy

  • Mary Preston

    The strand of pearls my parents gave me for my 21st birthday tell me how much they know me. I wear them a lot & always think of them.

  • Kell Kelly

    I love Pandora, in fact I have one from each of my kids. My jewellery tells the story of every important and sentimental event that has occurred since my 1st was born. I am having baby #3 in 6 weeks so this would make for perfect timing to keep the tradition going.

    Thanks for the chance.

  • kim m

    my husband gave me a beautiful necklace and pendant for my 20th birthday, a couple of years later my auntie gave me matching earrings when I was getting married. I was so amazed, as she had only seen them once, and had searched all of Brisbane to see if she could find earrings to match. It was so thoughtful, I loved it.

  • Winnie @ Bubfriendly

    Like yourself, all my pieces of jewellery holds a story – each to their own. My favourite will have to be my wedding ring – it is engraved with the words For Eternity on mine and on my husbands. Our love for each other last an eternity and I hope that we can extend and share our love for each other continuously to all our children.

  • Janet @ Redland City Living

    For our 20th wedding anniversary, the hubster bought me some white gold and diamond hoop earrings. I already had a beautiful eternity ring so this has added to the collection. We bought them from a jeweller on the Gold Coast while we were on our 2nd honeymoon – special memories. Incidentally it’s our 23rd wedding anniversary on Sunday!

  • Seana – Sydney, Kids, Food + Travel

    I used to work as a TV producer for the BBC in Glasgow, and worked bloody hard. Every time we finished a series, I would buy myself a piece of silver jewellery, a ring or earrings. That little collection of jewellery still has all my favourites. I do buy Pandora beads now to mark special occasions, meaningful mementos.

  • Grace

    It would have to be my engagement ring. Mr Surfer designed it all by himself (with the help of the jeweller, of course!) and while we almost never made it to the destination where he was going to propose (Bali), we did. And he did. And it was magical.

  • Wendy S

    Mine would have to be my necklace which lots of people comment on. I have 5 silver “children”, 3 pink stoned one and 2 blue stoned ones on a necklace, one for each of my children.
    Also my wedding ring which has “truly, madly, deeply” engraved inside, words from “our” song which played at our wedding.

  • Paula

    My most special piece of jewellery is my Diamond Dress Ring. My husband gave it to me 2 days after our first child was born. All of their initials and date-of-births are engraved on the inside of the ring. (The jeweller was told to write small so that they all fit in – We’ve got 3 boys!).

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  • Michelle V

    I love my jewellery; each piece is special for different reasons.
    On my right hand, I wear my grandmother’s engagement ring. It is so lovely, and so special as I never got to meet my grandmother before she passed.
    On my left, I wear my engagement and wedding rings, designed by my husband with my sister’s help (the only one of two secrets they’ve ever kept from me!)
    On my ears, I wear gold Tiffany earrings with matching bracelet on my wrist. The earrings were given to me by my sisters and parents on my 30th, hubby bought the matching bracelet (the other secret!)
    On my left wrist, I wear a watch given to me by my in-laws on my engagement night. It is a tradition of theirs, a welcoming into their family. I seldom part with this piece.
    All of these pieces mean so much to me.

  • Sonya Blyton

    All my jewellery is special in some way, my engagement ring & friendship ring is from the love of my life, my necklace is from my mother & my signate ring is from my mum & dad when I was little my kids also gave me a dress ring that I wear daily.

  • Kirsty

    I dont wear much jewelry, but I do wear my wedding,engagement, eternity rings all the time and I do have a necklace with all 5 kids name on it, so I always have them close to my heart x

  • Wendy Parks

    My most precious pieces of jewellery are my engagement ring and wedding band. They were given to me by the most wonderful man in the world as a symbol of his love and commitment to me. I was always single until I met him at 37 years, and had never worn a ring. His is the only ring I will wear. It is picture that good things are worth waiting for!

  • Rita

    I agree with you that each piece of jewellery tell a story. I have earrings made by my uncle. He gave them to my mother when she gave birth to me. My mum then gave them to me when I got married.

  • Gemma Westacott Blair

    My most treasured piece are my earrings that hubby presented to me the Christmas after our daughter was born.
    Hubby is terrible with presents to start with (for 12 years now I’ve had to buy and wrap my own pressies from him! Lol) so getting anything he picked himself was pretty special.
    But the earrings had extra meaning as they are made up of three diamond chips each, to represent hubby, myself and our daughter being together forever.
    Our daughter was born a terrifying 2 months premature and spent a month in hospital and the next three months before that Christmas at home basically in cotton wool as we tried to build her strength and size.
    Was a really tough time but we made it through together and I love that my earrings celebrate our little family!

  • Amanda S

    I wear 2 of my mum’s rings, 1 is her eternity ring which dad gave me when mum passed after suffering dementia for 8 years. It makes me feel close to her still.

  • Janelle

    One Christmas my sister gave me a necklace in the shape of a puzzle piece, that says “Big Sis”. She has another puzzle piece necklace that fits alongside mine, which says “Little Sis”. The necklace is not fancy by any means, nor did it cost a lot of money, but just the sentiment means a lot to me. I wore the necklace when I was Maid of Honour at her wedding :)

  • Bianca

    This would make a wonderful Mothers Day for my Mother and our very special Gran. Many thanks for the great giveaway.

  • Jessica

    My most prized piece of jewellery is my pandora bracelet. My mum bought it for me for my birthday a few years ago and buys me a charm for birthdays, christmas and significant events such as my uni graduation.
    It also contains a charm which was the last thing my grandmother bought for me before she passed away. It was bought while she was very ill with cancer and is a NZ symbol that means a guardian to watch over and protect so it means a lot to me and makes me think of her watching over me.
    I would really like to win this for my mum as she has been eyeing off so many of the charms while looking for mine and i think buying charms that hold a lot of meaning is a fantastic idea so i’d love to be able to do the same for her

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  • Rachel T

    My engagement ring tells the story of a man who had never fallen head over heels until he met me, and who proposed to me mid-flight on the way to queensland to celebrate my 18th birthday (all organized by him!) because that’s when he decided it was the ‘right moment’!

  • Effie Bakkalis

    There are 4 pieces of jewellery that I never ever take off:
    My engagement ring – a gorgeous ring me and hubby had picked out together
    My wedding ring – specially made to ‘fit’ into the grooves of the engagement ring
    My eternity ring – given to me by hubby on our 1st year anniversary
    My cross necklace – a beautiful diamond cross on a gold chain, given to me by hubby, so I can have divine protection.
    All these are very special to me and I hope to pass them on to my daughter after I die.

  • Karen Edwards

    My Pandora Bracelet my girls friends gave to me for my 30th Birthday is very special to me and my husband added some charms to it his initial and 2 of my children’s initials we now have a precious 9 week old baby girl so I’ll have to put my order in for another letter charm :-)

  • Marleisa

    I have a ring that my parents gave me for my 18th birthday. It is engraved with the date given tome. I plan on giving it my daughter for her 18th, engraving in the date of her birthday. I hope it will be a meaningful pieces that binds us together.

  • Kylie Embury

    My Dad and I had a “rocky” relationship when he and Mum divorced when I was a teen. When I graduated from Uni, he turned up at the graduation ceremony with the most beautiful antique locket as a graduation gift for me. It was the beginning of us rebuilding our relationship and now, nearly 9 years after he passed awa,y it’s the one piece of jewellery I treasure most. I hope to pass it on to my daughter for a significant ocassion in her life :)

  • Lisa

    It tells a story about me, my star sign, my fave colours, memories with hubby, my boys and friendships.