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weekend cooking : easy stir fry

weekend cooking

Stir fry is just one of those dishes I whip up when I have no idea what to make, have veggies that need to be used, or want something quick and easy. Since doing the 12wbt, I have mastered the recipe, found a few extra little additions, and put simply, mastered it.

The thing you have to know about stir fry, is there are no rules, there are limitations, and your imagination can create the best recipe ever. My one staple, is beef strips, onions and tamari sauce. Everything else is just a little something extra. Maybe you have a secret ingredient for stir fry’s? Or a little zing that makes it something even more special?

250 grams beef strips
1 onion
1 chilli
1 zucchini
1 carrot chopped into strips
1 bunch broccolini
a good knob of grated ginger
tamari sauce
rice noodles
red cabbage, shredded

Marinate the beef in tamari sauce, grated ginger and chilli. The longer the better, but 30 minutes should do the trick.
Coat the beef strips with onion until brown. Remove the beef from the pan.
Add the zucchini, carrot or other vegetables you have. Stir until nice and tender. Add the beef back into the pan and stir.
While the site fry is frying, cook some rice noodles in a pan of boiling water. They don’t need long, five minutes or so. Drain and add to the pan.
Add the broccolini. Stir for another 5 minutes.
Add the red cabbage to the dish just before serving.

Just remember, add any ingredients you wish, create and use your imagination. And then you have some left overs for lunch, because there will always be left overs.

My apologies for the mushy, not so clear, a little ambiguous recipe, but that is my stir fry, the best kind of stir fry there is.

But tell me, do you have a secret stir fry ingredient, marinade or something similar?

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