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Healthy snacks for kids

healthy snacks for kids

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These days, I have to honestly say, I am shocked by the amount of crap in our food {excuse my French}. From high levels of sodium, sugar and other preservatives, it scares me as to how much unhealthy and unnatural substances we consume. And when I say ‘we’, I also include what we serve our kids.

I am no super mum that cooks end to end healthy, nutritious and wholesome food where my kids only ever eat my super healthy home made food. Totally respect to those mums out there that can do that. However, there are days that I devote to whipping up some home made stewed apples, energy balls, muesli bars and low sugar cookies. My latest healthy winner for the kids {and adults} is crispy cooked kale. YUM!


But there are days, sometimes more often than not, that I just simply don’t have the time {or energy} to make and give my kids this home style cooking.

I have come to learn what is considered healthy and ‘healthy’ by reading food labels and understanding them. When I see yogurt with 11% sugar per 100 grams, my jaw literally drops in horror. Thus, my reason for now making homemade yogurt that contains no sugar.

Kid snacks are the same. There are crackers and ‘crackers’. There are muesli bars and ‘muesli bars’. I personally would rather spend that little bit more knowing that I am giving the kids a healthier and more nutritious option.

Let’s be honest, there is something special to kids about chips, lollies and extra goodies that they may be lucky to get in their lunch box. I mean, mums food is not always a winner. Ha! Don’t I know it!

So what are my go-to healthier snack options for kids?

  1. Plain Crackers – I am not into the ones with all different flavours. Many of the times they are totally unnatural. I take the ‘less is best’ option with my kids.
  2. Vegetable box – My son is into carrots like there is no tomorrow lately. Add some beans and cucumber, and he is one happy champion.
  3. Packet snacks – these are the kind of snacks that come in ‘packets’. I mainly stick to the certified organic, low sugar, low sodium and no preservative brands. Something very much like Little Bellies™
  4. Rainbow snack box – There is something about a little box full of fruit colour
  5. Bliss balls – I am constantly whipping up a different variety each week. On a general note, my bliss balls contain ingredients like oats, cacao powder, dried fruit, nuts and coconut oil. You can see an example of my bliss balls here.

Sometimes you can still be healthy and not slave away in the kitchen for hours and hours. It is also encouraging to know that many brands and companies are expanding their health awareness and making kids snacks that much more wholesome and nutritious.

Next week I will be sharing with you a more in-depth review of Little Bellies™ along with sharing a fabulous giveaway with you too. Stay tuned.

Tell me, what are some healthy snacks you give your kids?

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