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If you are reading this blog, you most likely follow my Instagram and would have seen my young man snacking on some healthy and organic snacks across your news feed. And, you may have also read my last post about healthy snacks. Check it out here in case you missed out.

I am all for healthy snacks and healthy eating for my little muppets. More and more I am gobsmacked by the intense sugar overload that many of our seemingly everyday ‘normal’ foods contain. I am forever trying to give my kids health and healthier options and then get really peeved that I think yogurt is ‘healthy’ but then discover that there is 11g of sugar per 100g in some brands. KILLS ME!! You may have read my post the other week where I shared some of my favourite healthy snack options. You can read it here.

So, I am very grateful to discover new {and very convienient} snack options for my kids.

Introducing Little Bellies. Little Bellies has unveiled a fresh new look and launched four additions to its certified organic range.

There are now eight products in the dry-snacking and cereal range. Others are whole grain Animal Biscuits and Mini Gingerbread Men, Bursting Blueberry Baby Puffs and Yummy Carrot Baby Puffs. All are available in single packs ranging from 12-50g. The recommended retail price ranges from $1.99-$3.49.

What I love most about these products is that there are NO NASTIES! They have no added cane sugar or salt, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and, when sweetening is required, have been sweetened with grape juice, fruit powders or dried fruit.

Win by all! #organic #kidsnacks



The kids seem to love them too! I have tried many snack packs before and I am always hard pressed to find options that are actually healthy. These products are not only great for young toddlers that are just moving past the purees, but for  young little people like mine who are three and five years of age.

Little Bellies Prize pack

For your chance to win a Little Bellies prize pack:

To celebrate this fabulous product and their new exciting range, I am offering an incredible prize pack valued at $100 which includes:

1 x Skip Hop Zoo pack inlcuding backpack, lunchie & drink bottle

1 x Sipahh 25 pack

Range of Little Bellies

For your chance to win, pop on over to Instagram here and regram/share the image above posted within our Instagram feed and tag @theparentingfiles. Or, if you don’t have Insta, simply head on over to Little Bellis Facebook page here, ‘like’ and comment below what you love most about Little Bellies.


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  • Kylie Purtell – A Study in Contradictions

    Apologies if this is a second comment from me, I got a Page Not Found after I clicked Post Comment after my last one…
    These snacks look awesome. I’ve been on the hunt for some new snacks for the girls that are filled with sugar. Are they available at Coles do you know? They will definitely make a nice addition to our pantry and something different for the girls other than plain wheat biscuits! Thanks for sharing!

  • Suzie

    These look great. Nothing like a healthy easy snack for the kids

  • bubble936

    I have liked Little Bellis Facebook page.

    I loved the fact that these have no added cane sugar , are free from artificial colours, flavours / preservatives . Moreover i love that these are sweetened with grape juice, fruit powders or dried fruit. Love the serving size as well – My kids will love these as lunchbox snacks.

  • EssentiallyJess

    I’ll have to look out for these. I’m trying so hard to cut back on the kids sugar!