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When I was growing up, mum used to always give us the best of everything. Right down to the best water. Spending many of my early childhood years in Queensland, filtered water was a must. Something to do with the flouride or something, mum felt like we needed something more from our water. And we got it. I was never a child that got those super cool juice boxes, juice drinks or cartoon character bottles that kids these days seem to be having. No, I just got water.

And over the years we have had the filtered water from the fridge, from the tap, jugs and  more recently, a big bulky thing that sat on our kitchen bench and took up the majority of the little space that we have. Yes, this has been us and my house for the last 6 years or so. It was certainly a great talking point when people came into my kitchen as the first question would be is “what is that?”, but the user-friendly side of things was not such a great topic of conversation. And so I needed a change.

I grew up on filtered water; living and experiencing the benefits, and now I am doing the same for my family. When my little man was a baby and I was stuck in the inability to breast feed days, filling his bottle with filtered water and then formula made the process a little easier to deal with. I know it is not everyone’s feeling, but mine was that the little tiny nasties in our water supply was something I did not want to give my baby, or my daughter for that matter.

We are so blessed to live in a country that has incredible water supply. I certainly don’t want to sound like this crazy Mumma who is not appreciative of this gift, knowing that there are many people in this world who are not so privileged. But when I see little yellow water residue in my kettle, I have to ask myself if this is actually coming from our water? If there is a product that is easy to use, easy to clean, doesn’t take up much space in my fridge (or kitchen bench), then all the boxes are ticked for me. It was the discovery of Cleansui that gave me the opportunity to tick all these boxes (and more).

These days there is coconut water, vitamin water, watermelon flavoured water, tonic water, super water, and probably something else that makes your energy levels boost and gets rid of the tired eyes that I carry.I just want good water, clean water, and something that tastes good. Simple. And I want my children to enjoy drinking water too because I am not one of those Mumma’s who buys the fancy cartoon character juice boxes. As my mum only gave me water, my kids also only get water.

Did you know:

– Water sends nutrients to your brain. 85% of your brain is water
– Cushions and lubricates bones and joints
– Helps with metabolism
– Removes toxins and waste

Did you also know that each cell of your body requires water to function properly? Basically water is one of the key ingredients to keep our body and mind working and functioning to its optimum.

It kind of feels like you are drinking the cleanest and freshest water straight from the natural sources of purity. Cleansui have made their jugs so user friendly that even my three-year-old can grab the jug from the fridge, carry it to the end of the house and ask me for water; “cold water please Mumma?” I have not had one spillage yet.

I feel really excited to working with Cleansui and help them on their journey of spreading the love of fabulous water and fabulous filtered water. You will see me post a few articles for Cleansui over the next few months where I am going to talk about other health related topics. I hope you guys will love hearing and reading about this amazing product and the benefits it can give you and your family.

But to see the Cleansui difference in action, head on over to their website to see their great products and videos. While you are there, you can also order a jug and get 30% off for simply being a reader of The Parenting Files. All you have to do is enter this code:

Discount code: 4LRZOWPR6FMV

You can also follow Cleansui on Facebook. 

But tell me, I am curious, are you a water filter lover like me? Do you care for filtered water? And if so, what is your favourite kind of in-home water filtration device?

{photo credit: Diego3336 via photopin cc}

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