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Before I became a Mumma, I always swore to myself, and my husband, that I would breastfeed my children. At the time, I basically told myself that there was no other option, because this first time Mumma thought the ‘breast was best’. But it was only when I became a Mumma to my little girl, that I realised how all those pre-conceived ideas, perceptions & ideals can go out the window, instantly.

I actually did breast feed my little girl. It was journey. It was a challenge. Seeing the pictures of Miranda Kerr breast feed her baby, looking so at peace and effortless, made me cringe. I wanted just that! The reality is, for many it is not! I even got a consultant come to my house to help me with the ‘attachment’. Little did I know that I would feel even worse when she left. Because I wanted to be the best Mumma I could be, & I thought, breastfeeding was what I had to do. The thought that I was depriving my child of the best start in life if I didn’t persist was the strongest feeling at the time. I still remember it to this day. So I persisted with the attachment techniques I was shown, & the topping up with formula, because she just never got enough from me, & then I went through the whole expressing phase as well.

While my hubby burped her, I expressed. The chug chug noise was a constant drumming in our ears.

Part of me felt like I was that better Mumma for persisting through my struggles & the whole cycle of feeding, then bottle top up, & then expressing. It was liquid gold, & I felt good knowing that I could store some milk & defrost it when I needed it too. It was a kind of relief in some regards.

Time went on, she got bigger, & I was just not able to give her enough. My breast pump became my saviour in many ways, as it allowed me to continue just that little bit longer to give her the best milk there was. Fifteen weeks exactly. The last 5 weeks I solely expressed breast milk, giving her a bottle of breast milk a day, along with the formula bottles. The guilt was still there, but it eased in time.

I always told myself, come number two, I would not go through the same cycle again. And I didn’t. The Mr was even worse at attaching. So I stopped. And again, I solely expressed. This time giving him only breast milk till about 5 weeks until which time I then substituted it with formula. The thought of doing what I did first time round, a second-time round, was exhausting in itself. Yes, I was a Mumma who wanted to do what was best for her bubbas, thinking that breast milk was that.

But in all honesty, I would not have been able to do it without a breast pump. Because it was the pump that allowed me to give my babies the milk they needed, the milk I wanted to give them, & the assurance that I was doing everything possible. A simple contraption, but yet a lifesaver. I even remember taking the little machine in its pretty little bag to my study classes when Miss E was 6 weeks old. A traveller just like everything else.

And now, after being a Mumma for nearly 3 years, I realise, that there is ‘no best’, & there is no ‘right way’, but there are little things to help you along when you need it.

manual breast pump

And so, just like I needed it, I am offering one of these little life-saver-hand-held-contraptions-that-saved-my-life. The Closer to Nature breast pumps make expressing easy and comfortable. The Closer to Nature Manual Breast Pump , valued at $90, is one of those things that every Mumma should have in those unexpected  times when you need to dash out and leave bubba with someone else, or, if you are like me and can’t breast feed & still want to offer bubba breast milk.

All you have to do is tell me :

What are, or were, your hopes and desires for your bubba?

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Congratulations to Hayley T x

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  • Housewife in Heels

    If only breastfeeding were as easy as Mirand Kirr makes it seem! I exclusively pumped for my eldest for 6 months. I needed a hospital grade pump to get enough, but these hand pumps are great for if you’re on the go, and just need a feed here and there.

  • Amy@New Adventures

    I don’t need to enter your comp because I own that exact pump – and it has been a Godsend for me with my daughter. With my son attachment was an issue but I had super supply; with my daughter attachment was slightly better but I just couldn’t make enough to satisfy her. That pump kept her drinking breast milk – for at least two feeds a day – up until 5 months.
    Its funny how we feel this guilt as mums but then there are sooooo many of us with similar journeys.
    Found you via IBOT…

    • tahlia @ the parenting files

      It is so true Amy, that guilt is shocking! Like you, I got my daughter to 4 months with the pump and my son to 10 weeks with the pump. It relieved some of that guilt… which is silly, because at the end of the day it is about happy and healthy mum and bub xx

  • Kell Kelly

    The only hopes and desires I had were that both my bubs were (or soon to be #3 will be) healthy, happy and fed. I did plan on breastfeeding and I was very fortunate that both my boys attached well and that breastfeeding worked for us, for a while. By the time they hit 3 & 4 months old it was bye boobs and hello formula – this was partly because they were piggies and my supply coudn’t keep up and part because of everyday duties that were still required to get done and I didn’t have the time to stop what I was doing every 2-3 hours. If I’d had a breast pump I would have expressed at night for those pesky feeds throughout the day when we were busy.
    *I intend on breastfeeding this bub when it’s born in June but all I can do is wait and see how it plays out when she is born :)
    Breast pump is on the list to get before she is arrives.

    • tahlia @ the parenting files

      Wow, congrats Kell. That is really exciting. ! Do you know what you are having? All you can do is wait and see. You can plan your life away, baby comes, and has plans of his/her own. xox

      • Kell Kelly

        Thanks so much lovely! We are having a girl this time, sounds so strange saying that after having 2 boys. I agree completely – it doesn’t matter what plans you have sometimes bub has a completely idea! Thanks for the chance :D

  • Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions

    If it wasn’t for the breast pump my husband went and got off layby for me when Mia was four days old I would have quit breastfeeding that very day, but that baby saved me and helped me get through those tough first few weeks and in the end we were lucky enough to breastfeed for a long time. It’s definitely not an easy thing to do, that’s for sure!

    My only hope and dream for Mia is that she happy in life, that no matter when she does or where she ends up, she knows that Dave and I love her so much.

    #teamIBOT was here!

    • tahlia @ the parenting files

      Happiness is all you can ask for. Funny you say, day 4 and your husband had to get the pump. I had the exact same thing when my first was born. I never thought of getting a pump before she arrived. In hospital, my supply was not up to scratch, and I needed a pump. Only downside, it was a public holiday the day I was coming home, so finding a store open was a challenge…. a big one x

  • Emily @ Have a laugh on me

    I think we put so much pressure on ourselves to BF. I did with all my 3 but it got less and less as I went through them. I reckon pics like Miranda are misleading, I say magazine should publish photos of mums like me who had size G boobs that were 3 times bigger than my babies head, then talk to be about attachment! Great post. Thankfully I won’t have need for a pump again, I’m done (I hope) :) Em

    • tahlia @ the parenting files

      haha!!! So true! My boobs were soooo huge! Half the problem when I had small bubbas! especially my daughter who was 2.71 kgs. There was more boob then baby…. yes, there needs to be pictures of these real moments! x

  • Janet @ Redland City Living

    I found breastfeeding was a real struggle. I gave it my best shot but by 4 /5 months old both of my children were weaned. And I never had ANY luck at expressing – no cool gadgets like this back then!

    • tahlia @ the parenting files

      Gadgets have come a long way Janet. They are all so amazing in helping mums along … x

  • Seana – Sydney, Kids, Food + Travel

    I used breast pumps too and they were great. Really helpful. I’m sorry you had babies that didn’t get the latching on easily, it makes life much harder for mums. And it’s hard enough to have a newborn. Well done you and that breastpump! My sister swore by hand pumps, but with the twins I had thebiggest engine thinggy known to man – not so great for getting out and about.

    • tahlia @ the parenting files

      hospital grade one right? And double pumping going I am sure….. it is so hard with a newborn, and a toddler, and then this guilt attached to breastfeeding makes it even harder…. xox

  • Kelly

    Your story sounds so similar to mine! It was heartbreaking for me to make that decision to switch to formula after a few months with each of my 4 babies. It has been a struggle with each one, it just didn’t come easy no matter how much I wanted it to! The mother guilt is the worst part, but you’re right, it passes with time, at least until there’s something else to feel guilty about! Great post :)

  • Hayley

    What a great prize! As a mum of three I know how important it is too feel pressured into having to do the right thing. After my first was born my mid wife made me feel terrible because I couldn’t get the hang of breast-feeding my daughter. I know this time I will be more calmer and relaxed, an old pro perhaps! But the old faithful has finally called it quits and this beauty would be welcomed with loving arms!!

  • Joy Kirk

    I had a very hard time with my daughter. My milk just wouldn’t come in. Everyone commended me on trying for so long (3 weeks) but I felt like a failure as a mom anyway. Now I look back and know I did the best I could I pat the time.

  • Jody Jamieson

    i have great desires for all my children but all i want is them to be healthy happy and loved breast feeding for me doesn’t come easy ive quit every time this time we are not going to quit we are going to stick at it its best for bubs and i

  • Tara

    I always wanted to give my kids the ‘best’…but 4 children later I’m aware that what our modern perception of the ‘best’ is, is not always what our children need or want. My firstborn was always dressed in designer labels and scooted around in a designer pram, I enrolled him in music classes before he could hold his head up and spared no expense when it cames to educational toys and gadgets. I’ve really gone full circle and now what I desire for my children is not that they have the ‘best’ but that they grow to be strong in character with a sense of who they are and what they can give and contribute to the world….oh…and I really do NEED a new breast pump!

  • Jessie Hay

    My youngest is still in the womb and at the moment I hope that he or she is born peacefully and safely.
    Longer term I hope for the same as my other kids- that he or she leads a happy and fulfilled life, pursues whatever dream it is he/she has and is a productive and law abiding member of society :)

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