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worry no more


Sometimes we underestimate our children.

It is only natural to feel worry and nerves and anxiety.. a little fear and maybe a little guilt.

Sometimes we worry and worry and then… for what.

Sometimes our biggest worries are nothing to worry about at all.

When we think our children may struggle, they flourish.

When we think our children will cry they smile.

Sometimes maybe we just need to let go of the worries and take one step at a time.

If we don’t worry, our children probably won’t either.

They just surprise us everyday.

And it turns out it is such a merry fun time :)

My Little E is loving creche already

Have you felt there was a time when you worried and then realised you never really had to?

Do you feel you sometimes underestimate your children?

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  • Sara

    I often worry when Sosi (4) is with the grandparents, because of their highly gender stereotyped view of the world. And then I hear her come out with a comment that puts them back in their place, like “not all baby girls wear pink Pa, they can wear their favourite colour” or “boys can wear dresses if they want”.

    You are very right Tahlia: they do surprise us every day :)

    • Tahlia

      what a strong little girl. Surprise us all the time! x

  • Buzz71

    You are so right Tahlia!

    My Miss8 went away on a five day girl guides camp, I was worried the whole time. One of the activities she signed up for was horse-riding, I was convinced it would be hand-led ponies but I was still convinced she wouldn’t do it. When she came back it turned out it was a full size horse, no hand-leading … and not only did she do it all by herself but she loved it!

    I’m going to use this as a reminder every day not to underestimate my kids and to give them the space they need to grow!

    • Tahlia

      so true. Sometimes the very things we think they are going to have challenges with are our own very nerves and anxieties. So great to hear your daughter loved the horse riding! I loved and still do… some of my best times ever. I think you have said it in one – give them the space to grow and explore for themselves x

  • PlanningQueen

    I love the way kids surprise us. A belated congratulations on your pregnancy too!

    • Tahlia

      thanks heaps nicole :) x

  • Modern Day Drovers Wife

    Cute post. Worrying about our kids is a natural thing. The first child or two in the family are ‘protected’ more than the others. I have 7 children. I remember worrying about their dresses getting dirty, them eating off the floor (germs) and falling….when number 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 came along…all that was forgotten.

    After number 3, if babies dummy dropped on the ground u just gave it a quick rinse (if it got actual dirt on it) or you would just put it back in the child’s mouth.

    Kids pick themselves up and don’t worry as much as we do.

    • Modern Day Drovers Wife

      I found you post featured on DP.

    • Tahlia

      yeh i would get the whole dummy thing…. kids are just so amazing, surprise us all the time. Thanks for stopping by and I just love your post from today about how organised you are. very impressed! x

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