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Organisation with labels and Dymo LetraTag Labelmaker love and giveaway


You know that feeling of something really bugging you and you just have never got around to doing what needs to be done to fix it? Well this is me and the “cord draw”. Yes… we literally have a drawer full of cords. Cords for phones, new and old, iPads, kindle, camera and video camera… ohh and i think there is a cord for my hands-free set too.

This is what is currently looks like… a mess!

But I just have never got my arse into gear to make it a little more organised.

So you can imagine my excitement when I got given the Dymo LetraTag Labelmaker to try… Never fear… My cords are in order. They now each have a little label attached. Seriously… this was too easy to do! I just typed on my label maker the name, pick the font, pick the size and print. WALLAH!!! My cords have a label.

And you can just label just about anything with your Dymo Label Maker. This is my previous organisation of what was in my jars.

Yep… I used to cut paper from the paper and put it into the jars. Fancy right? Now look at my jars.


I am just getting started! This labelling can get quite addictive!

The Dymo LetraTag Labelmaker also lets you iron on labels. For a little extra you can buy the roll of tape to insert into the label maker to print out iron ons. Then just grab the iron, the labels and you will never have miss matching socks again. Nicole over at Planning With Kids shows you exactly how it works and how she has put unorganised socks together as organised.

This is just a fabulous little essential item for the home. Everyone loves labels. Everyone loves a little something to help with organisation.



The Dymo LetraTag Labelmaker is valued at $59.95 and I have two to give away to The Parenting Files readers.

But if you can not wait and need to get your hands on one of these quick smart, you can check out where to buy the Dymo LetraTag Labelmaker here.

To enter simply leave a comment below telling me what you would label with your Dymo LetraTag Labelmaker and follow the form below. You can get up to five entries.

This is the first time I am using rafflecopter so please let me know if you have any issues.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy labelling :)


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  • Michelle V

    I need to label the items in my pantry and freezer

  • ally

    I’m going to label my children so my husband stops calling them the wrong names!!!
    Seriously – my cords – what a fab idea

  • Natalie Blanch

    I’d love to enter this for my sister – she’s a music teacher, and I’m just imagining all the resources she’d be able to sort with fancy new labels if she had one of these!

  • AmberB

    I would start with the containers in my pantry as they are very unorganised.

  • michelle rivett

    EVERYTHING in my son’s room, maybe that way he can ‘remember’ where everything goes when its time to pack up instead of shoving it all back into any hole that it fits into!


    I think I would drive everyone mad and label everything in our garage, would be a great excuse to clean up

  • Karen Edwards

    I would love to label everything in my pantry and freezer :-)

  • bubble936

    I need to label all the baskets and toy boxes in my son’s room to organise them and handy to use.

  • Melissa O

    I have an office/sewing room that is in desperate need of some labeling.

  • Annette

    Thanks for the marvelous posting! I actually enjoyed reading it, you will be a great author.I will be sure to bookmark your blog and will eventually come back in the foreseeable future. I want to encourage one to continue your great writing, have a nice evening!

  • Annelise

    Those labels are pretty cool! I wish I would be lucky! I have never won anything on a giveaway, maybe this time…

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  • Christine Barter

    Most things in my home probably need labelling including me…..just in case I get lost.

  • Yvette Bowyer

    My kids brand new playroom and their toys. My husbands shed and his toys I mean tools. My pantry and my obsession with tupperware..

    Perhaps the bathroom and laundry cabinets aswell!

  • Rachel Thompson

    My pantry needs a label makeover! There are containers full of ‘stuff’ and I’m forever guessing what’s actually in these jars!

  • Leeanne Gooch

    i would label everything and get my son to help read it all back

  • Annelee

    I would make a label with my car registration expiry date and stick to the windscreen of my car. Because in their infinite wisdom, the SA government decided to abandon rego stickers to save money. Now people have no sticker to remind them when it is due for renewal and are getting fined for having out of date rego. Not happy SA government!

  • Kim Sauer

    I would label everything that wasn’t nailed down – let’s see them try and knock off my sticky tape dispenser and stapler then!

  • jenny learmond

    Nothing would be safe…I would be labelling shelves, drawers and containers whether it is in the kitchen (& pantry), bedrooms and bathrooms…I would become Mrs Super Organised Mum!…watch out kids, you may be ‘LABELLED’ too :)

  • Kazzie

    I must label the toilet cistern, saying: ‘PUT THE SEAT DOWN’ ! ;)

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  • Pauline Stacey

    i am going to label all my stationary as it always gets borrowed but never returned

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  • Amanda White

    I need to label my Husband every Friday
    so when he visits the pub that day
    people know who to return him too
    and I have faith that the Dymo LetraTag Lebelmaker a good job it will do!

  • Katie Pyle

    Everything in my pantry!

  • Cate Russell

    Seriously need to get organised in this house- would love to organise the garage first!

  • Sarah

    I’ve just moved house and have files and folders with all sorts of spines on my bookshelf- a girlfriend cam over and said i needed a label for them!
    Plus, i have about 4 powerplugs in each socket and no idea which plug is for which appliance!!

  • Sarah

    plus my wardrobe is a mess and i have mixed all my jeans with shirts and nothign is grouped together!
    Not to mention my CD/DVD collection which is currently in one big long cardboard box

  • Mary Preston

    EVERYTHING, but I would start with the linen cupboard. Such a jumbled mess. No excuses when it’s beautifully labeled.

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  • Rebecca Das

    Being married to an Indian I have a huge amount of spices and herbs in my pantry…None are labelled , so I rely on smell ,not always the best thing to do!

  • Claire Lenton-Cater

    EVERYTHING! craft draws, toys boxes, clothes boxes…pantry items! so yes EVERYTHING!

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  • Vicki P

    My filing cabinet desperately needs attention and organisation

  • Karina W

    My herb and spices. I never remember what they are once I remove them out of their packets.

  • Julia R

    My work files, the children’s school stuff, my kitchen pantry ingredients……oh, the list goes on forever. I am sadly so disorganised :-( Help me please!

  • Jasmine

    clothes and toys

  • Jo

    The office and the pantry are where this label maker will come in the most handy!

  • Melanie

    OMGosh. This would be SO helpful! Love it!

  • Dianne Childs

    I need to label the herbs in my herb garden because at the moment I don’t know what’s what! Also, I’d love to label all my bloggy stuff.

  • pamela

    I’m going to label all my pens and pencils so the people in my office that keep stealing them will either stop or at least feel guilty every time they see my name on the the pen they are using!!!

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    Considering how EVERYTHING new in our home seems to quickly wander with several people then claiming ownership of it, the first thing I’ll be labelling is MY new DYMO!!

  • Deb K

    Too many things to label at this busy home here
    Maybe I need to start with my son’s music gear!

  • Ash

    I’ve ‘labelled’ my hubby useless several times in the past, but after forgetting our anniversary I’d like to make it official by having it consecrated on his forehead Dymo style! Not permanently of course; he has his moments….:)

  • Maria

    My pantry plastic storage canisters. I usually write on them but they fade and the other day I used plain flour in a recipe thinking it was self raising!

  • Julie Morello

    I’m learning Italian so I’d label all the items around my house to help me to remember the words

  • Carol.J

    I would need to Label everything in my house including my Husband .

  • hamir

    I would like to label all the boxes in my garage so that it looks organised and clean.

  • Tahlia

    Hi all…. Loving all the comments! can someone please tell me if the rss link was working in the above options? I thought I had this figured! :)

  • Lauren

    Love the idea of labelling the cords. We always seem to have too many lying around, until I actually need one and then I can’t find the right cord.

  • Cherry Adams

    I have 4 kids and no Dymo LetraTag Labelmaker, why can’t I have 4 Dymo LetraTag Labelmakers and no kids! They would be so much more useful!

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  • Renee Ballantyne

    Where do I start, my art room, my pantry, my cupboards….

  • Renee Ballantyne

    My craft room is a disaster so there would be my start

  • Elizabeth

    I seem to have a multitude of boxes filled with ‘things’. I just need to be able to easily identify what those ‘things’ are!

  • Helen Gray

    I would label my private chocolate stash in the fridge hopefully that might stop the kids stealing mine after they have eaten theirs

  • Michelle Gray

    The pantry, without a doubt :)

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