the irony of happiness

Someone pointed out to me today a little something about happiness.

“Sometimes it is exhausting pretending to be happy when you’re not”, she said.

Happiness, what is happiness?

nothing better then buying yourself some flowers or a plant

There is an expectation we must be happy. But is there an expectation that at times we also must be sad?

Sadness.. is real, honest and something not to turn your back on.

It is about being honest with yourself and being honest with your feelings.

Yes, ok, being happy is great… I somehow come back to the cabbury add and the beach boys song.. “wouldn’t it be nice if…”

Loneliness is ok, being lonely is normal.

Being sad is ok, being sad is normal.

It does not make us weak. Rather brave and strong.

The more we try and push our real feelings aside, the harder it is in the long run to be “happy”.

Know that some of our darkest moments can be the very best thing to make us stronger.

May the flowers begin to bloom again my dear, but in this time, know that it is okay to feel sad and seek comfort in those that are close to you.

Today, there is no question at the end of my post. Just a request, to be honest with yourself and know that if you are not so happy today, this is ok!

Linking up with My Little Drummer Boys for what is meant to be Wordless Wednesday.

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  • Kellie @ Three Li’l Princesses

    Great words, Tahlia. Well said. x

  • Tamara

    Oh so true

  • Fiona

    So true and it is so hard when you are in such a giving profession. That is why it is so important for us all to recharge our batteries and take care of each other.

    • Tahlia

      Taking care of yourself is soooo important… thus my reasons for blogging on this topic regularly as well x

  • Jodi Gibson @ The Scribble Den

    Seems like happiness was the topic of the day yesterday. Being honest and true to yourself brings happiness. Don’t seek it. Just be.
    Beautiful x

    • Tahlia

      Just be… love it Jodie :) x

  • Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups

    Perfectly said! It seems like sometimes we feel guilty if we are not happy – I say throw it on the guilt pile along with the rest! xx

    • Tahlia

      it is funny how such a common and normal emotion we sometimes feel guilty for….

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